Lace and Pearls

My husband was an usher for a beautiful grand wedding two weeks ago. Our gift for the lovely couple was this wedding cake.  Serves 250. 

A 6-tier (7, if you consider a double-barrel to be two) chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese flavoured swiss meringue buttercream. 




The design was inspired by their invitation. 


The cake colour was matched to it although on site the room lighting affected it. 

Here it is in the fridge at home.  The lighting highlights all the imperfections!


As you can see we can’t do any grocery shopping the week I need to make a wedding cake!

I made a custom silicone mould for this cake using the pearl and rhinestone jewel from the invitation. 

 The flowers were a last minute addition so when I don’t have the lead time to make sugar flowers I either make wafer paper flowers or my next favourite thing, coffee filter flowers!

I also use a mould to make the pearls which were then hand painted in pearl shimmer. The entire cake was air brushed in pearl shimmer. I was covered in pearl shimmer, as was my entire kitchen. Pearl shimmer. Lol 

I used another mould and some cake lace to create the lace that runs vertically on this cake. I really love this product. It’s called Flexi-Ice and comes from Squires Kitchen. 

I now have three large ziplock bags of cake trimmings in my freezer. A perk in making wedding cakes…. 

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