Hello Kitty 3D

  My daughter turned 3 this week and we threw the big party today. I’ve been quite busy lately with my major career change (no, not cakes – more IT, sales this time) so I didn’t leave enough time to make the cake as perfectly as I’d normally like. 

What I did do differently however is use Gilles’ (from Les Gâteaux de Gilles) technique of making a sculpting cake paste out of crumbled cake and ganache to make Kitty’s body. 

Since I can’t make large cakes when I need to keep plenty of party food in my fridge, I measure first. I also decided to omit the letter A for Anne. Polka dots seemed more fun.

This part of the cake tasted like deep chocolate brownies. It was chocolate Guinness cake mixed with 70% Lindt chocolate, 35% cream and a shot of Micelad’Oro espresso. For those in the know, this is not a cheap cake. 

Some more ganache covering the head and body. As I was trying to squeeze the body on its cake stand into the fridge I didn’t notice I had crushed Kitty’s right hand. I had to use gumpaste to compensate. 

 Oh that head gave me so much trouble! I didn’t make a large enough fondant covering for the head so I had to patch it in the back and around the bottom. I had sprayed water on my cold ganache so the fondant stayed put a little too much. 

 Since the tiny balloon can’t support its own weight with helium inside I had to use a smaller gauge white floral wire wrapped around the bottom and poked through Kitty’s hand. 

I wish I could claim I made the cookies but I could never be that good – they are from the world class cookie decorator, Karine Le Monnier, check her out!!! 

Le Monnier du biscuit
I’m going to go have one right now and then get some much needed sleep!

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