We Are No Longer Taking Orders

We Are No Longer Taking Orders as of August 1st, 2020.


Ordering Process

I am a home baker, designing and baking cakes as a hobby out of my kitchen. I will on occasion accept a cake order if it is from someone I know or a referral. I reserve the right to accept an order or not but will always refer you to a fellow baker if I cannot bake your cake. Most of the time I can only accept one cake per week, or none at all if a close friend or family member is having a birthday or important event in that week!

Here is the general process when ordering a large cake:

For Wedding Cakes or Cakes Serving 60 or More

  • 6 MONTHS AHEAD OF TIME: Phone or email inquiry where we cover delivery date and location, number of servings, special requests and ballpark pricing. You can also use my contact page’s form for this.
  • 4-5 MONTHS AHEAD OF TIME: In-person consultation where we (both!) get to taste a few cake flavor combinations and you leave with a quote complete with a detailed drawing*
  • 4 MONTHS AHEAD OF TIME: Order Request (which you sign) and send the deposit (50% required at time of order confirmation)
  • 2 WEEKS AHEAD OF TIME: Send remaining 50% of payment
  • 1 WEEK AHEAD OF TIME: Confirmation, usually by phone or email to confirm the number of servings – I don’t get all antsy about this unless it adds an extra tier to the cake or bumps it up a pan size or two
  • Delivery, included pretty much anywhere on or around the island of Montreal
  • 2 WEEKS FOLLOWING EVENT: Follow up, by phone – I always want to know how you and your guests liked the cake, this is important for continuous improvement on my part

Smaller cakes (birthday, shower, etc.) can be requested one or two months in advance.

NEW! Are you looking for baby’s first (“smash”) cake for a photo session? Since these cakes are small and are decorated in simple but lavish buttercream swirls, many times a few days’ notice for this type of cake order will suffice.

*If we’ve never met I must charge a 25$ fee for the consultation, folks have left with my drawings to have the cake made elsewhere which leads me to …


Since this isn’t a business, I do not charge tax but I do use an invoice (for your records mainly). I do not have a MAPAQ permit either, hence the need to know who you are and build a familiar, friendly relationship with you based on mutual trust. 

Pricing is quoted per serving. A serving size is 4 inches high by 1 inch wide by 2 inches deep (for square cakes) and the same volume approximately when cut from a round cake. This is a standard size in the industry.

Some cakes (such as the Stanley Cup Wedding Cake or Eiffel Tower Cake) are priced as a whole rather than per serving due to the complexity of the design and the number of hours required to create the sugar flowers that adorn it.

Note I will not crack an egg for under 150$ (the fee my husband charges me for cleaning the kitchen the next morning).

Example Base Pricing:

  • Sheet Cake = Get these at Costco, seriously – I only make these when a smaller display cake is required but won’t provide enough servings.
  • 1-Tier Cake = 150$ if under 12″ diameter
  • 2-Tier Cake = 250$ if largest tier is under 12″ diameter
  • 3-Tier Cake = 350$ if largest tier is 12″ diameter or under
  • 4 or more Tier Cake = additional 150$ per tier
  • 3D Cake = From 5$ to 12$ per serving, minimum 150$
  • NEW! Photo session Baby’s First Smash Cake = 40$ flat fee (no additional costs per serving. 40$ includes delivery in the greater Montreal area/Laval)
  • Double-barrel cake tiers count as two tiers (cake tiers taller than 5″ are considered double-barrel)

Each design will be quoted a cost-per-serving in addition to the base pricing, for example the Tropical Storm cake used in a Beach Themed wedding would be 350$ plus 2$ per serving for the design. It feeds 150. Therefore the price would be 650$, delivered.

Keep in mind each cake can take anywhere from 12 to 18 hours to “blank” (meaning become a fresh blank fondant or buttercream covered tier ready for decorating) but the hand made details (be it seashells, flowers, etc.) can take days, weeks, or months (the Eiffel Tower Cake). Each cake is unique and made from the highest quality ingredients. I use tried and tested recipes and can adapt them to most any allergy (gluten, dairy, nut, peanut, etc.) or liking (vegan).


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