The Making of the Knitted Cake for Mom

My mom turned 65 last Saturday and to celebrate I made her a cake that would make her bedroom smell like sugar for a very long time.

Knitted Cake

Knitted Cake

Over the years I have made her sugar flowers and a sugar Goldendoodle, but she always eats the entire cake these creations sit on. This time I decided it was time to make her a fake cake that could sit on her dresser between the Grandma and Me photo frame and potted silk flowers.

Doll Cake Topper

Doll Cake Topper

Mom loves to sew and to crochet. She has made crochet dolls that are so darling and I really wanted to make her a doll for this cake that would withstand any attacks from the real Goldendoodle. She gets her name, Cuddle, from her wonderful in-your-facedness these dogs are famous for. I reached for my trusty Fimo polymer clay and baked the doll solid. I love using clay for this purpose, the topper is practically indestructible.

The knitted tier was truly a labour of love. Each twisted strand butted up against the one before it to create the look of a jersey knit. I absolutely love this technique and think the entire world could benefit from watching me make just one row (two strands) of it so here is a nice little video tutorial of moi-même, in my pyjamas no less. All kidding aside, it did take hours to finish that top tier with the inlaid beige MOM.

The floral tier had an edible image print wrapped around it. I found a Victorian Rose print that matches my mom’s duvet cover.

Victorian Roses

Victorian Roses

I used my favourite cake lace to add some detail to the top of the tier.

Finally, the bottom tier was the actual REAL cake, a fluffy white cake with whipped cream and strawberry filling covered in mascarpone icing roses. It was a great success and now the two top tiers and the doll are resting comfortably in mom’s room.

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  1. Jen, that is sooo cute….I commented on facebook timeline but I don’t think it worked…don’t really know how to do this, I will ask Mel when she calls later….I am printing this story and keeping it forever….again, thank you so much for everything…xx

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