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I began baking cakes in 2006 because I thought I could make my own wedding cake with enough practice (and I did). I learned the majority of my techniques basically through trial and error. This hobby is very addictive. Not every cake is a great success. Sometimes I do more swearing and eating than I do decorating but in the end I am always proud of my creations. On occasion I sell a cake. I do not enjoy selling them but my family and friends are tired of the belly-fat inducing “gifts” I keep giving them. I specialize in sugar flowers only because the one advanced course in cake decorating I have ever taken was sugar flowers with the great Ron Ben Israël. I’ve also had a few lessons from the wonderful Colette Peters and always cool Norm Davis. I highly suggest a Cake Cruise… Look it up!

I live in Saint-Lazare, Quebec Canada.

I have an MBA which is rather useless in this part-time cake hobby/business and work in information technology sales.

About This Site

I hope you enjoy the site, it is actually a blog.

The articles you see dating prior to September 2014 were all written back when I was keeping this blog private. I needed a cake journal for my notes on how I made each cake, how many batches of batter or icing each required, the tips and tricks I picked up along the way – so some of the articles may be cryptic or a little weird to read. You’re in the crazy mind of a cake decorator, you’ll get used to it…

PS. In some articles you might find a recipe or two.

C InHouse Photo Studio C InHouse Photo Studio
C InHouse Photo Studio C InHouse Photo Studio
C InHouse Photo Studio C InHouse Photo Studio

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