Cardamom-Pistachio for Beginners

I found a Cardamom Pistachio cake recipe on some random website a month ago after the Ace of Cakes declared the cake to be the bestselling cake in the shop. I was a bit leary seeing the quantity of butter it called for, but doubled the recipe and went ahead with it. I shredded my butter-stained recipe three hours later – it, and the 24 cupcakes and the 7 inch cake, ended up in the trash bin and I had to start over with only 24 hrs before the delivery time.

The only way to safely make a Cardamom Pistachio cake (in my opinion as of right now) is to use Colette Peters’ Heavenly White Cake recipe, and create a simple syrup infused with 3 crushed (with mortar and pestle) cardamom seeds from one pod (not the seeds from three pods) – and add an ounce or so of Grand Marnier for added flavor. This syrup of course is painted onto the cake layers after torting but before filling with Pistachio Buttercream. I will eventually post the recipes I use and add hyperlinks and stuff, just not right now, I need some sleep.

I give this cake a 9 out of 10 for flavor and texture. Really that is what matters most!


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