The Final Result : Iga and Emil

So we packed the cakes, the pistachio pastry cream, the cardamom syrup and my pink Kitchenaid mixer and headed for Toronto.

Emil, the groom, was cleaning his kitchen at 10:30pm, having turned down a bachelor party to keep me company while I used a polish sausage to hammer in the long dowel rods that would hold his cake together until the next morning.

The cake really needed its orchids and these turned out to be very lovely albeit quite difficult to get into the cake. Their stems were not taking well to the floral picks, the metal wires cut through the flower stems and the floral tape was less sticky than the orchids themselves! Finally, I managed to get the lovely ladies angled just right and placed the cake on the cake table. The lighting was not ideal, but the buttercream finish matched that of the walls, it blended into the room perfectly. Iga and Emil were quite happy.

Lessons Learned:

  • Really try to understand the amount of filling required for any given cake size – I had way too much – I could have made a 2 inch filling for each layer!
  • Never ever never ever ever let cardamom pods sit in simple syrup over night.
  • The hotter the spatula, the smoother the buttercream finish.
  • Making big big big beads at the base of cake at 10:30pm the night before the wedding gets exciting but never ever ever never do this without the right piping tip!


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