Private Eye and Flower Power

August 22nd (which would be tomorrow) was overbooked to begin with – so why would I agree to decorate a 4 inch chocolate cake at 1 am last night right in the middle of baking a 4-tier wedding cake and a 2-tier birthday cake? For love. Dany’s loyal employee (of 3 years) was celebrating his 3rd year with Dany’s company and just recently received his Canadian citizenship. We inserted three gumpaste candles on top of a quickly decorated defrosted 4-inch Guinness cake and I created a tiny Canadian flag for the front – and scrawled “3 ans d/j’a” on the top with an edible marker – (that’s me using my English keyboard where my French accent would normally be).

Genevieve and Simon, my neighbours, are getting married tomorrow and have asked me to create their 120 person wedding cake – in “crazy” colours and three different flavours. So we chose fuschia and bright orange with bright green leaves on a blue background – I asked Genevieve to have grass on hand (sod, the kind you would lay in your new backyard, not the kind one would attempt to smoke although I am sure I would have a problem with smoking this kind as well). I will be placing the cake on a patch of grass. I think it is a genius idea but I have also seen it done (a little research on The Knot and it wasn’t too long before I found one). My cake will be better. The bottom tier is the ever popular Chocolate Guinness Cake but this time I tried a cheesecake flavoured buttercream with it. Next is the Heavenly Vanilla Cake with a lemon-cherry filling, then two layers of Deluxe Almond Buckwheat cake with cherry and amaretto filling (I was going to do raspberry but I figured I would stick with one fruit).

If that wasn’t enough – I also agreed to bake a cake for my great friend Rob’s girlfriend’s 30th birthday – now completing her PhD in ah see, let’s see – I believe forensic science – Rob asked for a “Private Eye” themed cake. He also said “high heels, wine and cigarettes – and a gun”. I have omitted the wine and cigarettes not necessarily on principle, but because I think these would not lend well to a private eye theme – and instead imagined Andrea as a Bond Girl. Now, I would have gladly signed the heels “Manolo Blahnik” but my expensive edible marker gave out. I hand painted the zebra print on the shoes. The cake is a two layer Heavenly Vanilla Cake with raspberry lemon filling and vanilla bean buttercream.

What was extra special about this week’s cakes was that my mom came by to help out – as it turns out, I don’t need a knife to level a teaspoon of baking soda as the bag will do. (The bag that the baking soda is in of course). I learned all kinds of neat tricks and every time I turned around, my kitchen was clean. Imagine that! It was wonderful time spent and I had to make a sandwich (I hate sandwiches) – but it was a fantastic tuna melt with cayenne, grainy dijon, Hellmans’ and baby gerkins… the melt part was havarti. Too bad I didn’t snap a shot of THAT.

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