Tropical storm

Setting up the shapes

Setting up the shapes

Gum Paste Seashells

Gum Paste Seashells

Cakes before assembly

Cakes before assembly

Matching knife and server.jpeg

Matching knife and server

Finished cake.jpeg

Finished cake

Closeup of seashells.jpeg

Closeup of seashells

A friend from work hired me over a year ago to make the first of her three daughters’ wedding cake today. Chantal and Fred came by in June with a very clear idea of

Set up on site.jpeg

Set up on site

what they wanted. In fact, they brought a picture. The theme was to be tropical and she was hoping for a teal blue cake with seashells on it. Her cake topper was a groom standing on the beach holding his bride.

Chocolate Guinness with a piña colada buttercream. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it was fantastic.
I used a 12, 9, and 7 inch round cake pan. There was exactly 5 recipes altogether. I made 16 cups of buttercream and it was exactly enough and the cakes were all double torted.
I baked the cakes Wednesday night, made the seashells Thursday night and covered and decorated Friday all day. I was actually finished before midnight for once. The cake had plenty of time to erm … cure before delivery.
The whole thing went off without a hitch. I think I finally got a real hang of this.
I got a little creative while setting up, sand made of brown sugar.
I think it turned out fantastic and hope the other two daugters give me a call soon!

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