Woodland Party 

So my son turned one on April 16th and we celebrated this along with his baptism today. 


 I had seen woodland themed parties on Pinterest and wanted to make a fox cake for forever now so this was just the type of event I’d been waiting for. 

I wanted to use this awesome slice of oak tree I found at Michaels and thought a 3D cartoon fox would be great. Challenging, but doable. 

I knew the head would need to be made of styrofoam because I wanted it oversized (like the dog in The Mask), a little over the top to exaggerate the expression.  

I baked some Heavenly White Cake, a Colette Peters recipe that is good for carving, and even had enough batter to make Matt a smash cake.


And some owl cupcakes using Oreo cookies. I scraped off their icing and used fondant for the whites of the eyes because of the crumbs on their filling. A cashew became a beak and chocolate chips were irises. I made a dark chocolate ganache for the body. 


Here they are in their nest. A cupcake carrier. 

So the white cake was flavoured with maple and the buttercream with blueberries. I think the cake what quite dry but I didn’t want to weigh it down with a simple syrup as I usually do. 



I forgot to get my black gel colour from the closet in Matt’s room so at 3 am I threw in the towel, exhausted, figuring I could skip drawing in the fox’s mouth. 

I was 95% done this cake at 11pm. Then I decided to make a blue birdie to sit on his head. This little creature gave me such a hard time! I used an egg shaped styrofoam ball for the body but couldn’t figure out how to make the head and neck so he would be looking down at the fox.  I eventually got to something I could live with, wired the legs, stuck them into the fox’s cranium and added little feet using brown floral tape and called it a night. 


This morning as I was setting up the buffet table it occurred to me that I could finally draw in his mouth and I’m glad I did. 





There wasn’t much left to the cake within minutes of singing happy birthday. 



 And on to planning my daughter’s third birthday… 

2 responses to “Woodland Party 

  1. I love your woodland theme! I just recently made a “Foxy Mama” themed cookie collection of fox heads and thought it would be fun to share one another’s affinity of woodlandia! You can see the “Fpxy Mama” shots on my website listed below, as it seems like it is not possible to link them to this reply…Happy Fox hunting!!!


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