Vineyard Wedding

In my MBA class were two fun-loving, one-of-a-kind, highly intelligent creatures that of course ended up falling in love and now, to nobody’s surprise, they are getting married. The happy couple has chosen the beautiful Chapelle Ste-Agnes in Sutton to tie the knot – what is special about this place is that it is a vineyard.

The bride loves the look of square cakes, offset layers, and ribbon with fresh flowers. Her florist is creating arrangements for the tops of the two tiers and the cake plate, complete with cinnamon sticks.

I will be putting the cake on a lovely cake plate to give it extra height as it is a cake to feed a group of about 60 people. Each layer is a double tier, so the top cake, a 6X6 inch, 4 inch high layer, will be frozen and kept for the anniversary.

The cake is an apple cake from the Martha Stewart weddings book, and I am making the caramel cream cheese filling and caramel sauce to go with it as a coulis. There will be a caramel flavoured buttercream under marzipan covering. The ribbon is a deep chocolate coloured velour ribbon for each layer and to decorate the cake knife and server set, which I throw in of course as a gift. Delivered. On my birthday…

So in all honesty, when I offered to make the wedding cake, the bride (in the same breath) mentioned her florist was expensive, and the whole wedding was getting very expensive and oh by the way how much would the cake cost?… I quickly calculated about 40 people with enough cake for an anniversary tier, say 50 servings… and mental calculator click click click…. $50, I blurted out. I guess I didn’t read the 2 in front of the 5 …

Now to put this into perspective on the one hand it costs, simply costs (not including my labour), around $4 per serving for such an expensive cake ingredient-wise – this is 6 jars of apple butter (5$ each) plus cream cheese and marzipan (almond paste, which comes in tubes of 500ml at 8$ each and I would need oh 5 of these!).

Not to mention, I drove all the way out to Knowlton thinking it was a 10 minute ride from my mom’s in Sutton (no, alas – it was at least an hour round trip from my mom’s) just to shake hands with the bride’s florist and confirm the required blooms for the cake.

BUT on the other hand– if it weren’t for the bride, I would not wake up next to Dany every morning. That is worth five billion gadjillion dollars, in fact, that is priceless. I don’t need to be invited to the wedding, no hurt feelings there (well, maybe a little) – it is my absolute pleasure to make this $200 cake (minimum) for only $50.

Only, there were a few glitches in the baking process that would have made me hesitate to charge a higher price…

I didn’t find velour ribbon so it was satin.

I can’t find enough almond paste so it was almond flavoured fondant.

I never managed to get the caramel filling made (it crystallized before it turned to caramel) so there was vanilla buttercream and I bought caramel from the grocery store.

Lesson Learned.

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