My Birthday Weekend

So not only did I have Brig and Seb’s wedding cake to bake for the 17th of October, I had an anniversary cake to bake for Matt to surprise Eve on their 2 year anniversary and I had offered to make a lemon poppy seed cake to celebrate my own birthday and Vivi’s on the 22nd.

Luckily my mom made my sister and I (Melanie’s birthday is on the 19th – what a busy month!) an enormous chocolate Oreo cookie cake.

Don’t ask me how I got through this weekend, all I know is that lemon poppy seed pound cake stays fresh for exactly 1 week in the refrigerator – and baking a cake four times or twice the size of the cake you really want can save you hours of time because you can simply double or quadruple the recipe and bake a larger cake, cut it in two (or four) to get all the tiers. Genius!


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