Disney’s Cars: “Flash” McQueen

This is the second car I have ever attempted. I must say it went a million times smoother than the Porsche. This time I knew carving was key, and that some things (like making the car appear like it’s being supported on wheels – or even having wheels to begin with) are simply unnecessary – especially for a 3 year old. Although this particular three year old can tell a car make by its headlights at night (already), father driving a Porsche (for real) and all – I was a bit nervous to see whether he would pick up on the lack of certain details – like tailpipes.

I used a 10 inch square pan, two inches high and baked the Chocolate Guinness cake because it carves so well. I simply cut the cake in half and my two 5×10 inch pieces were stacked one on top the other and I began carving. Another nephew kindly lent me his Flash McQueen remote controlled car – complete with cork stoppers his parents had added to the bumpers surely to prevent scratching walls and furniture.

I wanted a happy, more childlike Flash so I made the eyes and mouth a little surprised looking – this is how I would describe Philippe anyway – being far smarter than the average toddler he always seems to be waiting for something important to happen.

About the wheels – yes, yes, tires are the most important element on a car cake, but not when the model is dumbed down to the basics so I simply rolled out some black fondant and cut out disks, made 5 little white balls for each and flattened them on to the disks to make the wheel nuts.

I painted the Philippe and Bonne Fete with diluted black food colouring – but even with 8 hours of drying time – the words were still slick when I rested the cake on the table – Philippe immediately put his fingers in the paint and the tablecloth-staining festival began.



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