Custom Cake Toppers

What have I gotten myself into?! I offered to make custom cake toppers for free. Crazy. All sorts of crazy.

I chose to make the bride, groom, and their beloved cat named Snow out of polymer clay. A medium I had never worked with before. So of course 300$ later I am fully equipped to make at least a dozen more characters.

I practiced on an Elmo cake topper. Great success but for the droopy crayons. Lesson learned. Internal structure required.


Then I got started on the real deal cake toppers to the likeness of the customer, her future husband and future grumpy cat when she gets dropped off at a kennel during the honeymoon.

I prefer the classic Fimo clay to the soft. It is longer to condition but well worth it for the hold.

I also learned through YouTube that I can layer the clay, firing it more than once. Thank god!












I’ll post again when I finish painting on her eyebrows and some cat fur. Also I’ll add a veil.

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