Stanley Cup with Flowers and Bling

2.5 years have gone by without an update to my blog. What could possibly have kept me away? Well in 2011 I got married, then there was the honeymoon, then I got pregnant (baby is due in a month). I have been making random cakes which I will write about probably while on maternity leave. Oh and I did make my own wedding cake.

The big deal this week however is a life-sized Stanley Cup wedding cake. The 11, 9, and 7 inch cakes are real while the base and bowl are fake. There are about 35 flowers for the cake, peonies, cymbidium orchids and gardenias. The bride wanted Bling so I found rhinestone ribbon and added rhinestones to the inside of some gardenias.

Dany did all the airbrushing. I hand carved a stamp to read

Anastasia & Payam 2012


Woah. Woah woah. So I found this post in my drafts. We are now May 9th 2013! Almost a year after the Stanley Cup cake made its appearance on the world stage. It did pretty well for itself. And my Anne is now 9 months old. As it turns out I barely had time to shower let alone blog.



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