Minion Despicable Me Cake

My daughter turned two this summer and I’d been dying to make a Minion (Despicable Me) themed cake. I found a tutorial online at The Royal Bakery and made my daughter this cake. Since she loves Hello Kitty so much I thought I’d make the Minion (Stuart, as it were) his own cake as well, a mini cake with a Hello Kitty candle.

It is not easy to cover such a tall cake in one sheet of fondant so I cheated a little, there is a seam under the goggle strap. This allowed for a very smooth finish and whatever wrinkles were present they were hidden under his coveralls. I used cheesecloth to get the texture on the coveralls and hand painted all the creases. The use of French Grey petal dust a little everywhere on the cake is what makes this 3D cake almost a High Definition style.  In fact, I am coining that phrase right now.


He was of course made of Chocolate Guinness cake and I used a half sports ball cake pan to make the dome part on the top of his head. Going from a paper 2D template to a 3D rendition is not easy folks! All details must be enlarged about 20% due to distortion.  Initially I wanted to make Dave, the two-eyed Minion, but getting both eyes and the goggles to lay flat at the front but curved to his body proved too much for this sleep deprived mother of two under two. Because she was still under two when I made the cake, right. Yes.

I put the cake on a table under the hot sun.

Yes, this baker is a fool.

But for some reason he didn’t melt, or crack, or sag, I attribute that to the cake Gods smiling down at me through the nonexistent clouds because I had put so much effort into this cake for my daughter.

Can you tell I am still feeling a bit guilty about the first cake, when she turned one – I didn’t make it. I ordered it. But it did come from an amazing bakery, likely the best in Montreal.

So the cake was a great success, we still have a half Minion in our freezer that I am slowly taking care of inch by inch whenever I get a craving for this cake. I always crave this cake.

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