Today I lost a client to someone else. Based on price. “Can you match 3.75$ per serving?” asked the client.
I thought sure, if we’re talking sheet cake. She wanted 250 servings. In the same size and shapes as Ainsley and Roger’s cake. I had quoted her between 6$ and 8$ per serving considering I am a one man show with only one oven. And I need to take 4 days of vacation to complete such a large cake.
I am too small to afford helpers and accept multiple cakes per weekend. So it’s only one wedding cake per weekend therefore it’s pretty exclusive and there’s a cost to that.
I am pretty sad about it. But that’s the cake business.
I won’t give away my cakes to strangers. It sucks the joy out of baking. And charging cost undercuts my fellow bakers, many of which I might one day need if I ever want to turn pro. It’s a sticky position to be in.
So sorry Dany, that would have been a fantastic birthday present. Would you settle for a nice cake?

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